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12-01-12, 12:15
Just had my driving test and I failed horribly, almost caused an accident. I feel like I have no worth. I need to cheer up so tell me if you also failed the first test. :D I'll pay for some extra driving lessons and see if I can manage to pass the second time.

12-01-12, 15:38
My sister has had two driving tests, both of which she failed. She felt like crap as well, but at the end of the day it can take a lot of attempts before you succeed at something. Took my friend seven attempts just to pass the theory, he found it frustrating. It's nothing to feel down about, take a few more lessons and you should get there. Learning to drive is one of the toughest things in many people's lives.

ultima espio
12-01-12, 16:01
My friends test was terrible. She swerved trying not to hit a Pigeon, mounted the pavement and almost hit a woman with a baby.

Beat that :p

12-01-12, 16:43
I passed the first test, but this happened about 12 years ago when things were easier. Good luck for the next time :)

Dark Lugia 2
12-01-12, 17:05
Good luck next time! Are you going to book your next one as soon as possible? A lot of people fail the first time so you aren't alone.

I passed my test in August first time, its all a blur to me now though. I think I was so nervous that I blocked it out. :S

12-01-12, 17:07
Theory was easy for me. I got 55 from 55 points but I dunno what happened :( I'm going to get some recondition drive lessons and then I will try next time (that is two weeks from now) Instructor said I was good but I was so nervous I totally screwed it up. :(

Ora Dagger
12-01-12, 17:12
I honestly think I had it easier when I took my driving test. We just drove around in a circle :\

The only hard part for me was having to take that awful test for my learners. I failed twice -_-" so much stuff to remember

Gracious Days
12-01-12, 21:18
I failed the written portion of the driving test the first time. I then passed on my second attempt a few weeks later, and took the actual driving portion the same day. I had honestly never failed a test in my life before that, but a good read through the textbook paid off for my retry. :tmb:

I wish you luck for your next test. :)

sierra xb
12-01-12, 21:59
my sister failed her driving test 3 times, then she took a break and did it again, got it on the fourth try

12-01-12, 22:07
Aww, nerves are terrible to beat. Better luck next time. It's okay, I failed five times, and gave up (also partly due to the expense of it all). At least once, I should have past, I'm sure, but the examiner failed me because I continued on with a three point turn, when, according to him, I hadn't had a signal from a waiting driver to keep going, when in fact I had. Besides, neither of us were going anywhere if I hadn't completed the manaouver.

12-01-12, 22:12
I did everything perfectly. He said I was a very good, safe driver.

Except for when I ran a stop sign, so I failed. Cheer up! I got mine a week later on my second try.

It was a stupid stop sign though, hidden by a branch and in a stupid place. I swear it is placed there just for that driving test, as it would seem much more logical that I have the ride away. BUT ITS COOL :D

Zelda master
12-01-12, 22:27
I passed for my test the first time :p