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13-12-03, 19:55
Curry house offers mince pie naan breads

An Indian restaurant is offering customers sprout pakoras, mince pie naan breads and tikka turkeys in a bid to boost Christmas business.

Kushi in Birmingham's Balti Triangle district has also put sprout, leek and broccoli saffron masala on its menu to entice people who are bored with traditional festive fayre.

Chef Mohammed Haydor is thought to be the first curry chef to offer the bizarre concoctions, reports the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper.


Any one fancy a change?

John Falstaff
13-12-03, 19:59

It's odd, but having grown up in Birmingham I've never eaten balti! Invented after I left.


13-12-03, 20:17
Mince pie naan breads sound delicious! Maybe they'll set the mango chutney alight before serving. :eek: