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17-01-12, 11:42
I have been wanting to make this thread since a few days ago so here it goes.

During my childhood and teen years, I've been bullied for various reasons, Having an American accent that lasted from when I first came to Scotland at age 5 after living in Egypt and the UAE, to when I was 17 in London. Early on in primary school, a former friend of mine who happens to be of full Egyptian descent and me being half Egyptian and Half English started bullying me shortly after my mum and his mum had an argument but for no reason whatsoever, he and his peers called me Gay-boy and gaylord all the way till primary school ended and I can recall him taking a pile of leaves and shoving it down my mouth, I have also been Bullied for my Special Needs from age 12-14 then after coming out as a Bisexual at age 15, I have received homophobic bullying from my classmates and a quarter of people in my secondary school. My experience in school was a living hell for me, but I managed to hold my anger in and not let it get to me, on the plus side I got to hang out with some of my decent popular friends at school. and once I entered college, I was already fitting in with the cool kids with only a minority of people calling me a faggot or insulting me in any way. Once I had moved back to Egypt, I had lost my former best friend who is a transsexual male because she had started showing her true colour, therefore calling me a faggot, insulting my family and threatened that she would of "killed me" 2 years ago if she had things her own way and told me that if I stepped back to England, she would kill me. I continued putting all my efforts into shutting her up because I wasn't going to let anyone get to me anymore, I had enough of this! But I gave up and decided to block her from my MSN and other social accounts as I have done to all those who bullied me.

Whether you bullied, or been bullied yourself, Share your experience here and how you coped with Bullying, and/or if you bullied, for what reason?

It saddens me that people still continue to bully, but I guess that's just how life works, you can't have lovers without having haters, but hopefully society can put an end to this unnecessary hatred that ruins lives and causes the majority of suicide attempts as soon as possible!

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I don't want to disappoint you, but there is all ready a "Bullying" thread:


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:hea: okay hopefully someone can come close this thread then lol
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