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Summer B
19-01-12, 22:46
OK, first up, Im probably not going to explain this very well, so go along with me and fill in the blanks...

Anyway, I was at a friends house awhile ago and her brother had this program running on his computer (PC), basicly what he did was put numbers in to this 'form', then the program created an image that was basicly lots of lines, height lines I think, kind of like the lines on the weather maps on TV - after that the program then created an image over these lines and after several 'passes' it had created what was pretty much an overhead view of a land mass - seas, continents, islands etc... any ideas what kind of program this is and where I can get one?

Thx a mil.

19-01-12, 23:17
You mean like a topography program?

This site covers a bunch of related programs... not sure if any of them are what you are specifically looking for.


Summer B
19-01-12, 23:23
Actually, it looks a lot like Estierra listed on that site. Ill have a closer look, thx!

19-01-12, 23:27

Summer B
19-01-12, 23:31
Ah, its not, the one Im after lets you create your own, looks like Estierra works from 'real' USGS info.

Summer B
19-01-12, 23:34
Noop, it just creates arial maps, Bryce creates scenes by the look of it.

I think the program had something to do with 'fractals'.

Ward Dragon
20-01-12, 00:21
I think the program had something to do with 'fractals'.

That sounds more like a 3D graphing program as opposed to topography.

Edit: This site has a lot of pretty fractals on it:


I think it might have the software to make the fractals too, but I'm not sure.