View Full Version : I need help with Microsoft Access 2007 (not a technical problem)

24-01-12, 19:27
So, I kinda need help for my Computers class. We are having an exam off of how to use Microsoft Access 2007. I am good with everything, except two things:

1. Let's say that I make an Query off of "Table 1", hat has fields:

And there are two inputs for every field.
Let's say that dates are 11. 04. 2000. and 4. 11. 2002.
So, my assignment is that I make a criteria. And that
criteria is to show every entry before the year 2002.
I have no idea how to do it. :confused:

2. This one is quite simpler. This one is about Forms.
I am told to edit the looks of the form, and I
need to change "Style" to "Stone,
and something else I can't remember.
Where In the access is that option??
I haven't found anything called "Styles", and if I
found anything similiar, it still didn't have "Stone" option.

If mods think this is rather for Technical parts of forum, then fell free to move it. :)

24-01-12, 19:44
As for the first one, that's easy. Just add a new query, and add a new field called 'Year([DateOfBirth])'. Then on that field, add a query '<2002'.

As for the form view, in the form editor there are a few options that allow you to change the design/style of the form - but I can't remember how on the top of my head.

Hope this helps.

24-01-12, 20:42
I believe that's good enough. :D
I'll look around about the styles. Thanks! :hug: