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29-01-12, 19:31
Are they any vets in the house or animal lovers? I need some help. About a month ago my dog went through this weird phase where she was constantly licking, scratching, and biting her fur. I thought she just had fleas so i bought her a flea collar hoping it would help....It didn't! After a couple days after this was happening i noticed she was losing fur around where the tail meets the dogs butt. I didn't think anything of it until the next day when i looked and a whole patch of fur was gone and i could see a bloody scalp. I started to to get really nervous so i began observing her more often and i saw that she was biting herself raw!! So I sent my dad to the pet store to ask the associates on what was going on. They gave him some ointment and said sometimes dogs get hotspots on their skin where they start scractching and biting themselves. We put it on her and it did not seem to work. Eventually she just stopped and it healed. Now she is doing it again and it's getting serious. She has like 3 bald bloody spots on her tail and backside and she has been acting very weird lately. She has been laying in the same spot for a couple days. The only time she ever leaves that spot is to eat and go outside to do her business. Im thinking she may be depressed (if it's possbile for animals) and im not sure what to do. Someone Help!

29-01-12, 19:37
This is yucky..but the first thing that comes straight to mind is her anal glands need doing. Dogs will often itch and bite on their feet and legs and back because it's uncomfortable.

29-01-12, 19:46
Heres a refrence pic of the places shes biting. Its not my dog :p

See its not actually on her butt but where the tails meets her back.

29-01-12, 19:47
She urgently needs to see a vet as it could be numerous things including parasites, a topical skin condition or a stereotypical behaviour to name but a few. It sounds quite serious as the dog is causing harm to itself and it will be in pain but a vet should be able to sort it for you.

29-01-12, 19:51
Your dog could potentially be allergic to something if it's not flea or mange related. After all, dogs can eb allergic to things jsut like humans can.

Firstly, think about the symptoms. Where they seasonal, have something radically changed in the environment surrounding your dog lately? Pollen outbreak? Maybe garden chemicals or something like that?

Or it could be something in the dogs food. Check the label. Does it contain wheat, corn or soy? These are the major allergies for dogs and it would be advised to change the food immediately to one without. It could also be the the dog food, nutritionally is not good enough for the dog. Try one with a coat supplement added to it.

You could do allergy tests, but they're pricey and may not get to the route of the problem.

Personally though, I'd get a cone collar thing to start off with, as this will at least make the dog biting itself harder to do and then take it from there.

Of course, I'm not a vet so I/we can't give you the right answer. It would be best to take your dog to a vet when possible. I hope your dog gets better. I did have one dog that would bite itself red-raw but I can't remember what our family did about it. Good luck though! :)

29-01-12, 19:52
Thanks everyone i will try to set up a an appointment soon. The closest Vet's office is like an hour from me >.<

@Mystery-King we did just change her dog food recently and i guess it started around there. I'll check it out.

29-01-12, 19:55
My dog used to bite and lick her bottom like this. It could still be fleas, but a collar won't work properly. You need to use the actual flee drops that you put on the skin. Use them regularly and this should clear up. Failing that, I'd recommend going to the vets. Also make sure to worm your dog, this could help. It could be an allergy to something in the grass perhaps.

29-01-12, 20:06
My dog did this, I believe it had to do with allergies (my dog was a Golden Retriever who are apparently very hypo-allergenic). Her tail was thin, lost tons of hair, and her butt/ back was raw and dry.

29-01-12, 21:38
when my first son was just born ; we would spend almost all our time to him ; we suddenly started to pay a lot less attention to our dog as how we used to. We didn't call for her anymore throughout the day, not cuddling with her ; we would go outside with her for only 20 minutes max where as before we would go away with her for hours. She also literately went everywhere with us before his birth. She also got her food not on a regular base ; don't get me wrong; she did get her food every day but sometimes she would have to wait till really late in the evening. She also used to sleep at our feet in our bed but with the arrival of our son she didn't even came into the bedroom anymore ; so after some time we noticed the marks on her ; her skin was like full of crusts ; bleeding; and the white hair on that spot became a reddish/pink color ; just bitten;
so we went to different vets with her ; but the first ones couldn't help her; they just gave all this kinds of meds for her that didn't help a single bit. Then we found another vet who was also a kind of dog psychologic person. And she made us reflect on all the changes our dog had to go through on such a short notice ; whilst she already was 9 years; so 9 years long she was used to all these things and in a couple of months she lost all those privileges and attention. that made her scared and stressed so she started to bite herself.

ever since we knew that ; we got her a dogbed that we did move into our room ; so she still was kinda close to us. we also make sure that she gets an one hour walk in the morning ; and in the evening. In the weekends we go on long walks with her. during the day we call her more often with us to cuddle ; just her and me ; or just her and my bf. and every two days she gets a 2 hour brushing moment :) Ever since those changes she hasn't bitten herself anymore.

29-01-12, 23:37
My dog used to get hot spots (which became raw spots), too. We ended up getting her an allergy shot. I think half of it is compulsive behavior - you have to watch for them so they don't compulsively scratch until they bleed.