View Full Version : Post Beatles, Lennon or Yoko?

John Falstaff
14-12-03, 01:07
Hi Everyone,


I've just been listening to some post-Beatles Lennon (Sometime in NY City). While I don't (necessarily) disgree with the sentiments, I find a lot of the music to be poor, and not helped by 'the wall of sound'. I feel that Lennon's music, on his own, was far better than most of the stuff he did with Yoko.

Now tell me I'm wrong!

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14-12-03, 01:11
No I agree with you there John

14-12-03, 04:12
Yep, he was one whose career was not improved by love. :D Poor Yoko only ever seemed to produce a "Wail of sound" herself. ;)

14-12-03, 06:18
Yoko annoys me so much. Seriously she irritates the hell out of me. "Imagine" film clip???
What is she doing in it???
Ar, dont get me started.

14-12-03, 14:21
I totally agree with all of you. Yoko can't sing...she wails...her musicianship makes me shudder! One very strange lady.