View Full Version : Team America (2004)

tlr online
17-02-05, 16:20
LMFAO!! Spent 1 hour 30 laughing at Team America (which makes a refreshing change from complaining about them ;) )

Four stars!

17-02-05, 16:35
Looks great. Like Gerry Anderson on speed.

17-02-05, 22:05
LOL!.....that has got to be one of the funniest films i have ever seen. It's offensive and rude, i love it.

The puppet sex scene had me on the floor laughing as hard as i could!

17-02-05, 22:54
**** yeah. The vomit scene was a riot. I was in tears. :D

17-02-05, 23:53
OMG yeah, the commetns on the stage at the end, when he acts out the other. Very rude but hilarious and ingenious commedy.

18-02-05, 00:03
is this the film with hans blix and everyone in as puppets?? if it is it looks like an amazing film