View Full Version : How can I "3D cross eye" a video

02-02-12, 00:49
Is there any program to convert a video to 3D cross eye?

like this:


02-02-12, 01:12
I'd like to know too.

02-02-12, 11:51
3D is basically something shot in 2 perspectives.
How to make a cross-eyed video?
Put both of the videos that were shot in 2 perspectives into a video editor, resize them and finally put them beside each other.
Now, Cross your eyes and overlap both images and you're done.
EDIT: The video you posted isn't in 3D, It's the same video that's running on both sides.
The following video is in 3D (AKA shot from 2 perspectives):

02-02-12, 13:52
thanks I'll try that!

that's because my TV converts 2D to 3D,I downloaded the TR:Reboot trailer and then I watched it in 3D,it's pretty awesome!

I'll try to do the same with other videos,that's why I'm asking!

thanks again!

02-02-12, 14:22
Shame its crappy red/blue.

02-02-12, 14:27
^ What's in Crappy Red Blue? :p
If you're talking about the youtube ones, go to 3D options and click on 'No Glasses'.

02-02-12, 15:32
Shame its crappy red/blue.


it's the REAL 3D!

02-02-12, 15:43
Wow, there's the turning point trailer in 3D? I wish I kept my glasses now. ;__;

02-02-12, 17:40
^ It's NOT in 3D because both of the images are the same.
I watched it with my eyes crossed... No depth at all. :p

03-02-12, 00:56
if you have a TV that converts it,then it's totally 3D. I watched and it's awesome!

not the same as if it was official 3D but stilll awesome!

GOD it's hard to find a program that does that!

03-02-12, 08:09
^ Use video editors, like Sony Vegas 11. ;)

03-02-12, 08:57
Wow, there's the turning point trailer in 3D? I wish I kept my glasses now. ;__;

you can make them yourself :D all you need is cheap plastic glasses ; a transparency paper or cellophane or so and a red and blue marker

you must pop out the plastic glasses ; you can then use them as templates to draw the size on the transparency paper ;

then you have to cut out the "new" glasses ; and colour them ; make sure the left glass is red and the right one is blue.

then tape the coloured new glasses on the frame ; voila ; your 3d glasses :D

on topic ; DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter ; this is not a free one ;

and then you have this one ; it's free