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tomb rayder
02-02-12, 02:02
I have seen these around the forums and I really wanted to start my own. In this one, follow these rules:

1. Think of 3 clues that describe a level for TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 or TR5
2. You can only guess once per post but you can guess as many times as you want in a day but you can only make your next guess after the one giving the clues says it's wrong.
3. If no one guesses a level correctly within 24 hours of a post, add a fourth clue. If no correct answers in the next 24 hours, add a fifth clue and so on until 5 clues are revealed. Clue 6 will be the answer. After that, a person will have to nab at an opportunity to give clues.
5. After a guess is correct, the person giving the clues must confirm the clues and give explanations for the clues.

Here's the first one for this thread:
1. I can't catch my breath first?!
2. Medipaks and shotgun shells exsisted 3,000 years ago?
3. I thought you guys were extinct!

02-02-12, 02:12
I don't know if it's a good idea to start a new one; right now ; in the tr3 section there is a gtl about tr1-tr3 ; in angel of darkness there's one going from 4 till 6 and in underworld you have one from the last three games...

tomb rayder
02-02-12, 02:43
Yes I know. But this could be for the games that came before crystal dynamics took over. You know, the classic ones. Plus, the rules are a bit more fair. Anyway, would you like to take a stab at my clues?

02-02-12, 07:59
Tr1 - Tr6 are before Crystal took over.. ? :confused:

02-02-12, 16:42
Tr1 - Tr6 are before Crystal took over.. ? :confused:
They are indeed. :)

Tomb rayder, I have noticed that you already have participated in these:

So why create an additional thread with exactly the same topic?
Please do not do this again.