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02-02-12, 01:33
This thread is to discuss and comment about the new tv show Alcatraz by jj.abrams.


Im a bit late, ive just seen the first episode and i quite liked it. Im a LOST fan so i had to give it a go and i love the fact that it has some similar stuff like the mysteriousness, music and style.

02-02-12, 01:36
Can't say I've heard of it, thanks for the info though, I'll have to look it up. Is that Sam Neill on the left in that pic?

02-02-12, 08:45
^ It is, which is what got me interested in the show. Have to wait and see what it's like when it comes out. Oh, and if it has enough of a plot to make it worth watching.

02-02-12, 21:25
I'm glad Sam is playing his creepy persona. This is what really makes him best as an actor because you never know what foul things are on his mind.

02-02-12, 22:57
Okay, I've seen four episodes of Alcatraz now and, typically, it's only just starting to pick up the pace. It's quite good, certainly has me intrigued, but it's too early to say whether it's worth carrying on watching or not. I don't much like Sarah Jones as the main character though.