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tlr online
18-11-03, 00:10
Disney studio bosses are reportedly concerned about a new movie which shows Father Christmas drinking, stealing and chasing girls. Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thornton, has been made by Disney subsidiary Miramax which also made Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.

In one scene, Santa says to a barmaid: "I'm an eating, drinking, f***ing Santa Claus!" "Prove it," she replies. The next scene shows Santa and the barmaid having sex in his car. In another scene, a child asks: "You are really Santa, right?" Santa responds: "No, I'm an accountant. I wear this as a f***ing fashion statement!"

The Drudge Report says the film has caused "complete outrage" amongst senior Disney executives, "Nothing appears sacred, anymore, this is just not in the spirit of Walt Disney," a source close to Chief Executive Michael Eisner is quoted as saying.

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18-11-03, 00:14
So, now they are getting concerned, after the film is completely done...

18-11-03, 00:38
Thats hilarous, I would go and see it!


Lady Ann
18-11-03, 01:05
aww... just in time for christmas!

18-11-03, 03:08
geez how could they get an ENTIRE film made without the exces knowing it?
sad, these days kids grow up so fast...TOO fast...

18-11-03, 05:43
I would avoid it like the plague. It sounds like a plublicty stunt, there is no way ther could not know exactly what they were paying for. It's crass, tasteless and offensive. The worst part is there are idiot parents who will take their children to see it and laugh at the movie. Thus endorseing it to the kids.

18-11-03, 06:03
Anyone else hear the sound of Billy Bob's career going down the drain?

18-11-03, 06:10

18-11-03, 13:14
It's gone!

18-11-03, 14:02
Originally posted by egyptspy:
So, now they are getting concerned, after the film is completely done...Exactly! This 'film' IMO would not be popular over here! :(