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05-02-12, 21:31
I need a technical person here.. :p

I uninstalled Windows Live (Essentials) a couple weeks ago because I was getting a lot of errors signing in and connection issues. I don't think everything got properly uninstalled, and now when I go to reinstall it I get this error right before it finishes:


I've already deleted Windows Live files from Program/Common files folders groups, but there seems to be traces of the previous versions and it's effecting the registry. I tried CCleaner is well, nothing is working! :(

Thank you to whoever can help me. :hug:

05-02-12, 21:52
Try this:

Download Windows Live uninstall wizard (http://g.live.com/1rewlive4arp/wlarp.exe) and put e.g. into C:\temp\1 folder.
Go to Start > Run, type in CMD, right click CMD and select Run as Administrator.
In Command window type c:\temp\1\wlarp.exe /cleanup:all /q and press Enter.
Uninstall WLE.

Then reboot and reinstall WLE - use THIS (http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ru/wlsetup-all.exe) installer.

05-02-12, 22:42
Edit - I actually Googled a previous version of Windows Live and it worked like a charm. :p

Easy fix!

Thank you for the reply. :o

I followed all of those steps and now I get this error with mail:


06-02-12, 05:31
What version (working) of WLE do you have installed now?