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15-02-12, 19:52
So, there's this woman that used to go to my school, and she has a gastrointestinal disease so rare only 70 people in the world have been diagnosed with. She needs a bone marrow transplant to save her, however, she has yet to find a match. Her family has turned to social media to raise awareness in an effort to find a donor.

So, what I'm asking is that, if any of you have twitter, could you tweet #hopeforchristina and #hopeforcristina. (She spells her name without an "h", but many people mispell it in the hashtag. If we can get either of those trending it'd make a difference). If we raise awareness, she could potentially find a match. Which would extend her life by decades.

You can read more about the story here (http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/news/local/article/186928--family-turns-to-twitter-in-hopes-of-finding-bone-marrow-match).


15-02-12, 20:08
The poor girl, my prayers go out to her & her family. I truly hope they find a match for her soon.

15-02-12, 20:09
I do have a Twitter. Definably tweeting this! Hope she finds a match :(

15-02-12, 20:21
Actually, tonight at 6pm EST. So 2h 40m from now, the entire school is going to tweet it at the same time. So make sure to tweet it then as well :)

15-02-12, 20:40
Barely use my twitter but I tweeted it.

15-02-12, 21:06
That poor girl. Tweeted.

15-02-12, 21:08
I don't have twitter unfortunately.
But I hope the best.

:}hello friend
16-02-12, 00:53
I don't have twitter unfortunately.
But I hope the best.
It takes less than 30 seconds to make a Twitter account.
Tweeted. Hope she gets the match soon.

16-02-12, 01:27
If anyone is willing, you can see if you're a match at www.onematch.ca

God Horus
16-02-12, 01:30
This is horrible! :(

And she lives in my city too!

16-02-12, 01:59
Yes it is. I'm very sorry for her.

16-02-12, 13:02
Tweeted! I barely ever use my Twitter account but for somthing like this a Tweet won't hurt. :p I hope she finds a match. :)

16-02-12, 14:00
I made one just to tweet it :)

16-02-12, 14:02
I'll tweet it too :) I feel so sorry for her :(

17-02-12, 00:10
I've got a Twitter account, I'll tweet it too, even though I don't see it trending at this moment in time.

EDIT: I tweeted it like 10 times.