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lord gaga
15-02-12, 21:01
Of monsters and men

Of Monsters and Men are a six piece indie/folk band from Iceland and the 2010 winners of Músíktilraunir (a nation wide battle of the bands competition).
The band has had major success in the United States with their song "Little Talks". The Seattle based radio station KEXP recorded it live over 2010 the Iceland Airwaves festival. In August 2011, the song also debuted on Radio 104.5 out of Philadelphia and quickly went into heavy rotation due to an overwhelmingly positive response.The rise in sales led to a record label bidding war for the then unsigned band. The band signed with Universal Music Group and their debut single will be released worldwide in early 2012.Their debut album My Head is an Animal was released in Iceland September 2011.
From wikipedia

My head is an animal


Little talks

I found them while looking around youtube and i can't stop listening to little talks. Now i have the album and i love it!

the ancient
16-02-12, 17:21
Little talks is nice, I haven't heard much of them but I think they'll break through. :)

16-02-12, 20:00
I found them just last week and I quite enjoy their album. Little Talks is my favourite though, because of how happy it is.

lord gaga
02-05-12, 20:03
Has anyone heard the two new track on the U.S. version? I love them! BTW the album reached number 6 in the billboard top 200! :jmp:

02-05-12, 20:15
I like Dirty Paws.

This is the right thread. Right? :o

lord gaga
02-05-12, 20:45
I like Dirty Paws.

This is the right thread. Right? :o


the ancient
11-06-12, 17:29
Why is this already death?

They did a live sesion on the local radio here.


And their album is divine.

lord gaga
11-06-12, 17:54
Their album is amazing! My favorite right now is mountain song. They really should make another music video soon. :(