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16-02-12, 06:01

Any fans here? I'm so addicted to all of Torches right now! :D

Major Releases:

http://i43.************/5chh77.png http://i43.************/rrtqbk.png

Best Known For:


Although, they're so much more than Pumped Up Kicks.

Interested? I'd recommend Helena Beat, Don't Stop (Color the Walls), Love, and Chin Up for the Unsuspecting Hero. These guys are incredibly diverse and I love how experimental their sound is. So many hints of '60s rock, too, which I just love! :mis:


16-02-12, 06:06
I don't see you recommending Waste, so this thread flops. http://i.imgur.com/5Mogo.gif

Although, I absolutely love FTP and umg. Just, umg. They're the best.

cezy rockeru
16-02-12, 07:50
i haz tharr album and it rocks n.n

i should get the EP too..

16-02-12, 11:21
Love these guys. I'd personally recommend Call it What You Want and Houdini.

lord gaga
16-02-12, 12:19
I love these guys! Their entire album is worth the listen!

the ancient
16-02-12, 17:19
Foster the People, they mean so much to me! :o
Their album rocks.
and Broken jaw is so awesome, it had to be on the album.

And I'm gonna see them live 6 may! :jmp:

16-02-12, 17:20
I love them. :3

16-02-12, 20:52
Pumped up kicks is all I know them for. :whi:

16-02-12, 20:54
I love them, Torches is one of the very few albums where I don't need to skip any songs.

27-02-12, 17:44
I'm absolutely OBSESSED with the song Warrant right now. OBSESSED! :mis:


Sooooo much diversity on this album. I have a new favorite each week! :D

05-08-12, 04:56
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
"Hopefully we'll have a song or two out by the end of the year... I'd like to get the album done pretty quickly but we're not going to put something out until it's ready... I'd say in 2013 it'll be out." - Mark Foster
Praying for this, tbqfh. Oh my God, I need this in my life!

05-08-12, 04:59
Yay :yah: Their music is heavenly!!

05-08-12, 05:59
Oh yes I was very obsessed earlier this year. I love 'em.

05-08-12, 06:15
Awesome. :3