View Full Version : Do you know about our album feature?

tlr online
21-02-12, 11:47

You too could have your very own album on Tomb Raider Forums to showcase your pictures. Contact Us (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/sendmessage.php) with your request.

How much I hear you query? Like everything else here, it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!! :jmp:

21-02-12, 11:55
Dear Lord, help me. I clicked on the link and wound up on an album with several active gifs D:

Anyways, I did know about them, but I don't want one; however, I think I will wander around people's art albums, now :B

21-02-12, 12:05
Yes, but I haven't uploaded anything to an album yet. Maybe, I will soon though. :o

cezy rockeru
21-02-12, 12:13
are they useful in any way? :p

Zelda master
21-02-12, 12:25
I've known for a while, never crossed my mind to actually ask one :p

21-02-12, 12:37
Yeah, I know about it, I just never have really wanted to put anything on it. :whi:

Legend of Lara
21-02-12, 13:21
I know about all the album features.

Even the super secret ones.

21-02-12, 15:21
I had an album but I deleted everything off it. No point having a bunch of old stuff from my DeviantArt account on there.

21-02-12, 15:23
Meh, I prefer DA. =/


21-02-12, 17:45
I knew about them, I just keep forgetting about them. :D My favourite one is Ikas90's "TRF members I met" album.

21-02-12, 17:48
I knew about them, I just keep forgetting about them. :D My favourite one is Ikas90's "TRF members I met" album.

Oh that reminds me, I need to remind him to put me on there :p

Anyway I too have an album (well I have 2)
1 which was for my XNALara pictures I used to do but I no longer do anymore and another one was recent and it was for my drawings :DE

DIT: Oh I just saw myself on the album now :vlol:

21-02-12, 17:55
My only use for an album here is for storing gifs and meme pictures onto it. Which I don't think the mods will approve of.

21-02-12, 17:56
I have a few photo albums for my Tomb Raider collection. Well, I don't have the collection anymore, but it's... *holds back tears* nice to look at. :pi:

21-02-12, 19:38
are they useful in any way? :p

They're useful for showing off. :D

22-02-12, 04:55
Hey, there's mine in the link! :eek: