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28-02-12, 03:22
Okay, I don't know if this is the wrong section, but I'm gonna wing it and ask a question for Apple/iPhone users.

Tonight I made a new Apple ID account. I've had lots of updates needed to be done on applications on my phone for some time now but my old card expired and in order for the update to occur for the app, I had to put in a new card, so I did. I have several free apps like Facebook, TextPlus, etc. They were free to begin with. In the past, I would update the apps, and I wouldn't be charged. Now when I go to the App Store to update my apps, a message appears with the following:

"This discounted price is only available to customers who own a previous version of this item. To purchase this item at full price, click Buy.

You have not owned a previous major version of this software. You have to buy it at full price. Would you like to buy it?

Cancel Buy"

I never clicked buy (I clicked Cancel), but went back to the App store and then it didn't come up again and let the update happen.

However, it doesn't say the update is free, all it says, in the corner is a blue box with "Update" and a "+". Is it charging me for updates that were free applications to begin with? I went to Apple and checked my account and it said the last purchase was today (tonight) when I tried to update one of my apps. Is a really a purchase or simply a record for a transaction, even though it's not really a purchase? I'm really worried it charged me when it shouldn't of and didn't tell me necessarily.

I also googled, and some people said yes and others said no. I really need to know.

28-02-12, 03:42
Does it give you a price? If there's no price, then it's free. Your account just records it as a "purchase", even though you're not really paying anything.

I've "purchased" a lot of free apps.

28-02-12, 03:43
all updates of a app are free regardless if you bought it or if the app is for free.

you just need your ID and password for the updates to begin.


28-02-12, 03:46
I doubt they'd "charge" you for updating an app that's free anyway, I don't know because I don't own an iPhone but I'm considering it anyway :)

28-02-12, 03:53
No. If you downloaded an app that was once free, the updates are free regardless of if it suddenly becomes an app you have to pay for.

28-02-12, 04:10
I was worried because it came up with that weird message, but I was finally able to check my purchase list and everything came up with $0.00. And it also helps that you guys knew that it won't charge you, unless like Stevo said it suddenly becomes a priced app, which I didn't think they did.

Thank you all! :hug:

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