View Full Version : The loveboat!!

07-11-04, 03:43
They're showing repeats of this classic show on UK t.v late in the morning. It's a soap of sorts, set on this steamliner that never seems to dock anywhere; it just keeps on going. Everyone on the ship spends their entire time going around trying to find a new relationship in a really tacky way.

The programme's kind of naff, but worth watching just for the theme tune...

"The looooooovvvveboat, is making another run!"
"The looooooovvvvveboat has something for everyonnee"

07-11-04, 04:24
The loveboat is great. Fun for the whole family. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

07-11-04, 11:08
Classic? CLASSIC? Pah! :D

07-11-04, 12:23
Yeah, the theme tune, LOL :D I remember that gutteral voice singing while we were offered a panoramic view of the ship sailing in the middle of the ocean :D