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11-03-12, 16:01
A few days ago a couple friends and myself recorded ourselves playing Mario Party 8 on the Nintendo Wii and we uploaded the videos onto our joint account which was created recently. While playing, we toss in a few bad puns in order to make the video more funny/annoying and we all get a bit overexcited at one point or another. Not sure if anyone wants to watch the videos but they should be qute amusing and I've provided you with the link to our account. You can check the videos and future videos out.


Zelda master
11-03-12, 16:04
From the entire series 8 was by far the worst, maybe it's because of the horrible PAL version that was released here. But overall I thought the game was just "Meh", 2 and 4 were great honestly! :D

11-03-12, 20:20
No, it doesn't have to do with it being PAL. Mine was NTSC and it was as much of a horrible experience as yours. I'm thankful I just rented it, I'll eventually pick up the ninth game (I think it came out today :D) now THAT looks like an improvement.

I'm glad the second game in in the Virtual Console, I really loved that one. But 3 had better minigames. :pi:

Zelda master
11-03-12, 20:36
Well trust me the fact that the game was in PAL format didn't help at all! The game for some odd reason is 50 HZ only here, that's just bloody ridiculous :mad:

11-03-12, 21:21
MP8 was RUBBISH! I enjoyed 4, 5 and 6 but this one was the worst. Before anyone asks, I don't have 7 because it was selling for silly prices. Cheapest was like 35!
The problem I have with MP8 is the amount of luck based minigames. Also, the single player mode was boring.

11-03-12, 21:30
The lack of 16:9 format was a terrible thing as well.