View Full Version : Where to get them......

14-12-03, 17:39
I want to know something, can you actually get these.


Well i can get the guns in a toy store.

I can get the gloves in a bycicle shop.

I can get the socks from a store, i'm not sure if they'll look like that.

I can get the glasses in a shop with glasses.

1. Can you actually get a backpack looking like that, or is it made.

2. Is the belt made or can you actually get that.

3. Where can you get holsters like those, or are they made.

4. The pants and the shirt. Where does one get them, or are they made.

14-12-03, 18:50
i had a bag similar to that, it was smaller, leather and a lighter coulour, i got it frm a second hand shop. i dnt no bout the rest though.