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14-03-12, 12:38
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Job ad mentions working on "next-gen technologies"

Killzone 4 could be set for Sony's next-generation console, if a job ad for a 'Netherlands game studio' is what we think it is.

The ad in question has been posted on Develop (http://www.develop-online.net/jobs/job/7505/Assistant-Art-Director-High-Profile-Games-Studio) on behalf of a studio with "a proven reputation for creating original AAA titles for high profile publishers." It's almost certainly Guerrilla Games, then.

The listing goes on to mention the unnamed dev is "now working exclusively with an industry leader, on next gen technologies and with major IPs in the pipeline."

Back in November last year Edge reported that the "bulk" of Guerrilla Games' staff are hard at work on a fourth instalment of Killzone (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/326617/guerrilla-working-on-killzone-4-new-ip-edge-reports/), and studio recruiter Adrian Smith stated that Guerrilla has "got to continue the Killzone franchise."

Alongside Killzone 4, the studio's also working on a new IP, Edge reported, led by former Killzone game director Mathijs de Jonge.

In the same story we speculated that Guerrilla could be prepping the new Killzone for the PlayStation 4. After all, which Sony franchise would make a better launch title?