View Full Version : Unable to connect to Xbox Live

18-03-12, 14:35
Right I cannot do anything at the moment but here is the situation. I used to connect to Live through an Ethernet cable that directly connects to my laptop through that to an internet connection which it actually worked really well until one day it says on my 360 Unable to connect to Xbox Live or at least something on those lines. So i thought I would try it again after that and still the same problem, that's when I thought it must of been the Ethernet port in my 360 and this wasn't the end of the problem. A lot later I was able to connect through a wireless thanks to a family member having a wireless connection and said to attempt it though that, when we did go and connect through to Live it was having the same issue and saying that it couldn't. So does anyone know what the problem could be?

18-03-12, 14:44
If you're having problems connecting to LIVE you should use Test Connection feature on the 360 to see where the problem is. It'll be able to tell you if the problem is with the connection to the router or the connection to the internet and/or LIVE. Whatever the problem is, your 360 will give you an error code. Copy that code down and visit Xbox.com or Goggle to search for what it is and how to solve the problem.