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20-03-12, 16:13

According to EA's online policy, the publisher can and will shut down servers for games that represent less than 1 percent of EA's peak online activity. Check out the full list of affected games below.

On March 31, the following iOS game servers will be shut down:

Battlefield 3: Aftershock
Fantasy Safari
Ghost Harvest
And on April 13, the following console and PC games will lose online service:

Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii)
Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360)
Create (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)
EA Sports Active 2.0 (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)
EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp (Wii)
FIFA 10 (PSP, Wii)
The Godfather II (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
EA Sports MMA (PS3, Xbox 360)
Need for Speed ProStreet (PS3 and Xbox 360)
The Saboteur (Midnight Club access) (PS3, Xbox 360)
Spare Parts (PS3, Xbox 360)


Btw, online passes factor into this. If you paid for one, boo-hoo.

Sir Croft
20-03-12, 16:47
And that's why the only game I buy for the multiplayer is Left 4 Dead, and this one I can run my own server.

20-03-12, 17:13
Another reason I hardly buy any games from EA.

20-03-12, 21:14
To be fair, who here plays those games online anyway? they must have been shut down for a reason. Unlike Left 4 Dead which is still very popular and has many players still online on Valve's official servers, these games have a reason to lose their online access.

21-03-12, 01:17
Some people are still enjoying burnout, so I wouldn't blame them for being mad.

Anyone know how to hack EA's server code yet? (for private uses of course :))

21-03-12, 01:22
^People still enjoying Burnout? Burnout Revenge? Or are you thinking of Burnout Paradise? The online multiplayer for that is still going.

21-03-12, 11:26
This is why I dislike developers (and reviewers) insisting that all games must have an online component at the expense of single-player, or split screen multiplayer. With the exception of a handful of heavy-hitters people just don't play these games that much online--or for very long. I wouldn't expect servers to stay up, or to find anyone to play with if they are up.

21-03-12, 11:34
Another reason I hardly buy any games from EA.

Gettin' harder and harder not to. Feels bad man.

Legend of Lara
21-03-12, 11:46
Burnout Revenge wasn't that good. Takedown was much better. <3