View Full Version : Rumor on Zipper Interactive shutdown

25-03-12, 03:34

Sony looks like it it is trying to get financially leaner.

25-03-12, 13:47
Hmmm, I saw this earlier in the week. It's a real pity, as Zipper have done some sterling work for Sony for some time now. However, looking on their website, they are still advertising jobs, so it might just be a rumour.

02-04-12, 19:54
No longer a rumor.


I can remember a couple of years ago when MAG was the big Sony E3 news. Maybe the days of buying up companies just to secure exclusives is no longer as profitable as it used to be. The cost of game production has sky rocketed and then you add on all of the overhead (facilities maintenance, salaries, health benefits, shipping and handling, etc.) and the profit margin gets smaller and smaller.

03-04-12, 07:47
I'm sad to hear that they are gone :( will always remember the ps2 Socom's

As far as purchasing studios goes. Yeah the industry is very different from what it used to be it seems like.

03-04-12, 15:20
I also think that its that whilst the other Sony first party developers seem to be going from strength to strength, Zipper seem to be flailing. Apart from MAG, their whole output this gen has been a bit poor. I do feel fro the folks at Zipper though.

03-04-12, 20:17
Well this blows, me and my brother in law used to love playing Socom together. Socom 4 is actually one of my favorite games..