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27-03-12, 19:06
We have all died in some way or another in video games, some of us perhaps more than others. Which game(s) have you met your untimely end in the most? A few of mine are below.

-Resident Evil 4
-Tomb Raider 1-5

27-03-12, 19:07
Another World and Heart of Darkness...And So You Think You're Good At Videogames. And Super Meat Boy.

27-03-12, 19:10
Demons Souls & Dark Souls. Those are the only two games where I have died loads of times. But if you've played the games, you would know why.

27-03-12, 19:34
Uncharted 1-3 crushing mode

27-03-12, 19:43
Uncharted 1-3 crushing mode

27-03-12, 19:46
Dark Souls and LIMBO, still havent completed LIMBO coz I die too much >_>

27-03-12, 19:47
I've died in the metal Gear Solid and TR games a lot just because I've been messing around.

27-03-12, 20:03

27-03-12, 20:13
Died about 40 times today on Ninja (Dog) Gaiden 3. It's still the first level too. Hiyashi doesn't understand balance as MNM has in fact close to none. The game will refuse to read your inputs in order to force death upon you. Garbage.

Tomb Raider 1-4: Was really bad at them when I was younger. :cool:

God Hand: Over 200 Deaths on my first playthrough.

Demon's Souls: It's what the game was made for.

Ninja Gaiden Black/Σ2: I can take it. Barely.

Contra Hard Corps: Made my thumbs bleed.

Shinobi (PS2): No checkpoints and constantly depleting health. :cool:

Super Meat Boy: lawlz

Radiant Silvergun: First control pad smash came courtesy of this one.

Catherine: I was really bad at this. :cool:

Devil May Cry 3: DMD mode. Ugh.

Vanquish: Challenge Mode was sort of..insanely difficult.

27-03-12, 20:14
Super mario.
Oh man I played that **** a lot. D':

27-03-12, 20:36
I died a lot in Resident Evil 1 when I was younger.

I'm a much better player now. ;)

27-03-12, 20:38
I've nearly beaten it, but I keep dying. ;_;

27-03-12, 21:44
I Wanna Be The Guy and Super Meat Boy.

27-03-12, 23:59
- Tomb Raider (pretty much all of them)
- Nightshade (I died all the time in this game)
- Dynasty Warriors (on any extreme sort of difficulty)
- Grand Theft Auto (kind of goes without saying)

28-03-12, 00:07
Robot Unicorn Attack :p

28-03-12, 00:55
Demon's Souls and Devil May Cry 3.

I haven't really played Dark Souls yet but i'm sure i'll also add it to this list once i start playing it.:p

lord gaga
28-03-12, 00:57
Tomb raider 4 for sure and GTA!

28-03-12, 01:08
Died most in Tomb Raider 2. ESPECIALLY Floating Islands... That level is just torture...

28-03-12, 01:16
Recently? 'Splosion Man and Ms 'Splosion Man, both are a nightmare on hardcore mode.

28-03-12, 01:20
Mostly the Tomb Raider games and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus.

28-03-12, 01:27
I thought this was a game! :vlol:

28-03-12, 02:33
^ I thought it was a depressing thread about death =/

28-03-12, 02:36
The first Uncharted! Fallout 3, KOTOR, Classic TRs. :p

28-03-12, 04:51
Super Mario
Tomb Raider (early ones)
AOD a;sldkfja;sdklfj

That's all that really sticks out for me.

KC Mraz
28-03-12, 05:23
Looking at the thread title from the frontpage I thought it'd be about a game dealing with life and death, or maybe one about a devastating disaster in which all survivors are destined to die.

I leave disappointed, "We All Die" would make a pretty cool title for a game.

28-03-12, 12:37
^Haha, I agree. Alright, I'm off to make it. :p

Another game I die plenty of times in is Final Fantasy VII. The older FF's kicked my ass all the time. I definitely don't think they have gotten harder over the years. I've actually been able to complete all of the newer ones, I never finished VII (I feel awful).

dream raider
28-03-12, 12:42
Tomb Raider Legend.

cezy rockeru
28-03-12, 12:48

28-03-12, 13:23
Mostly the Tomb Raider games and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus.

Oh yes, I died a lot in Abe's Oddyssee too. :D That's mainly because you have to try things many times and you always have to continue from the last save/checkpoint if you die -.- And they are rare in this game.

And I've died a million times in classic Tomb Raider games....mostly because I fail at jumps and because of all the traps. :D Especially in TR1 and TR3.

I've died a lot in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within too. I know, you have the power of turning back time, but still, some parts are hard :vlol:

28-03-12, 13:52
Mass Effect 2, easily.

28-03-12, 15:40
Call of Duty on Veteran. Playing any other way is too easy though.

28-03-12, 16:35
- Dynasty Warriors (on any extreme sort of difficulty)
Forgot to add this >_>

28-03-12, 18:23
Metal Gear Solid 2, extreme difficulty. Very annoying boss fights... but I need to beat it in order to get my last trophy. >.<

28-03-12, 18:25
Uncharted 1-3 (Crushing)
Spyro (when I was very little)
Final Fantasy X-2 :pi:
Resident Evil 4

Mad Tony
28-03-12, 18:29

28-03-12, 18:56
Mostly Tomb Raider and several ridiculous platformer games such as Super Meat Boy and Syobon Action.