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27-03-12, 20:29

The Saboteur is an open world third person action-adventure video game set during World War II in German-occupied France. It was published by Electronic Arts and the final game to be developed by the former Pandemic Studios, which has been defunct since the game's release.

The game's protagonist, Sean Devlin (based on William Grover-Williams), is a hard drinking Irish racecar mechanic, a regular among the racing groups of Paris. After being cheated out of a win in the 1940 Saarbrücken Grand Prix by Kurt Dierker, a Nazi colonel, Sean and his best friend Jules Rousseau seek revenge and sabotage his prized racecar. After being captured, Dierker executes Jules during interrogation under the belief they are really British agents sent to spy on him, but Sean escapes. The rest of the storyline chronicles Sean's fight to kill Dierker. He is recruited by the French Resistance, its leader Luc, and British SOE, who help him throughout the story. The story takes place during World War II and the German occupation of France, but the war itself is used as a backdrop to the main story, which is about Sean's fight to avenge Jules' murder, protect Jules' sister Veronique, and kill Dierker.

Gameplay Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhTizv7XYeU)

I honestly feel like this game is incredibly underrated. While it's not the best game in the world, it's quite fun, has an amazing story and fantastic dialogue. For its time, the graphics are decent.

I seriously recommend it. :D

27-03-12, 20:32
it's quite fun
Eh, it got repetitive.

has an amazing story
Not really.

fantastic dialogue
Did we play the same game? The dialogue is class A cheese, and the voice acting was awful. :p

For its time, the graphics are decent.
The graphics were pretty dated IMO.

Linoshi Croft
27-03-12, 20:34
Oh Nate.

I did play this game and I did actually find it rather enjoyable. Not a masterpiece in gaming but not as bad as it was said to have been.

27-03-12, 20:35
It's not a bad game, just not a good one. It had loads of potential, but said potential was wasted.

27-03-12, 20:35
You are a thief of joy.

27-03-12, 20:37
You are a thief of joy.

I never said you couldn't enjoy it! :p I was just stating my opinion on the game. xD

I was actually really excited for the game, the story/setting/concept all seemed like they had potential! But like I said, the execution was just...meh.

27-03-12, 20:42
It's no more repetitive than say, Grand Theft Auto. I mean, the only repeating aspects I've noticed is going back and forth between being given a mission and carrying it out. Which is the same as any open world game.

I found the storyline amazing because I was always fascinated with the Nazi invasions and considering that Sean Devlin was based on a real character who was actively involved in the French revolt against Nazi Germany sweetens the pot.

The dialogue I loved because it was humorous and believable, especially dialogue between Sean and Skylar - I loved the tension and the playful banter. That's pretty much all I enjoy about the dialogue. What I do love however, is how when en route to a mission location with an NPC, if the dialogue is interrupted somehow, Sean will say something along the lines of, "Now where were we?" and it would continue.

27-03-12, 20:42
I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Also, I found the decent graphics very well compensated with the gorgeous artstyle. :cln:

27-03-12, 20:43
@Mason: Cool, I'm glad someone got joy out of the game. :p

Sir Croft
27-03-12, 21:14
I think the concept is pretty cool, the missions were fun, the enemies can be a pain sometimes, but I can ignore that. But the thing I liked the most is that it's a WW2 game that isn't a ****ing FPS.

27-03-12, 21:16
I couldn't wait for it for weeks - finally got it, played it once and traded it in. You could say I was dissapointed. :p

27-03-12, 21:41
Eurgh hated the year 2009, in fact it's my least favorite year ever in my life... Any ways...

I got this game for Christmas that year, my dad said it was very good. I wasn't too sure about it, played it and I quite enjoyed it. But the repetitiveness and the fact it never took off made me get bored of it... Oh well :(

The concept of it was great though :)

27-03-12, 21:42
It's a fantastic game, that doesn't reinvent anything in the genre of third person shooters or sandbox games, but it gives it more style, flair, and does everything it sets out to do well. I was extremely happy with this game, and it's actually in my top 10, somewhere around 7 or 6. I was very pleased, hope it gets a sequel in the future, but sadly, Pandemic has closed and EA doesn't seem to want to stray to far from their series that work, ie) Mass Effect and Battlefield.

27-03-12, 22:26
It's one of the few games I own but have never completed.
I was really enjoying it, to a point. And then I sort of lost enthusiasm for it.
Only good voice acting in it was John Noble. :tmb:

28-03-12, 01:56
Just finished the game.
Meh, the ending was rather anti-climactic.
Not much replay value either, so I'll probably add it to the list of games I'm trading in on Thursday.

28-03-12, 03:01
^ I wouldn't. There's plenty to do in Paris long after the campaign ends, there's still over 1000 different objectives to do, such as sabotaging Nazi equipment, assassinating VIPs, and generally just blowing **** up. Its part of the reason why I love it, and it keeps rewarding you with more equipment to blow more things up, it's like the game runs on economy on explosives.

28-03-12, 03:19
I can't be bothered to do all that.

28-03-12, 03:21
You want a good game where you can blow **** up? Red Faction: Guerilla. That game you can literally destroy every building you see. Never have I had so much fun in one game.

28-03-12, 03:22
Ugh I hate that game, lmao. I found it boring.

28-03-12, 03:26
Ugh I hate that game, lmao. I found it boring.

We need to talk.

28-03-12, 04:32
I don't think I've ever agreed with pretty much everything Catracoth said in a single thread before...:pi: