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28-03-12, 05:58
The GTA III Rage Team is hard at work making Grand Theft Auto 3 run on Rage, the engine powering the most current lineup of Rockstar's titles, from Grand Theft Auto 4 to Max Payne 3. The GTA 3 Rage project includes previous mods from the Rage Team, including GTA III HD Cars - HD Claude, GTA SA: Liberty City, Project Oblivion and GTA III HD.


Does anybody know much about this? I read a similar article the other day and didn't post much about it, but I see that this was literally just posted about an hour ago online. I don't know anything really about it. Available now? I've seen lots of footage on Youtube so I thought maybe it was. Maybe not..


28-03-12, 06:14
This is the first I've heard of this :eek:

Looking through the linked thread at the GTA board, it seems like they're HD PC mods (lovingly) made by fans. Shame really, if they were official releases I'd buy definitely buy copies of each :tmb:

28-03-12, 06:57
Watched it this Sunday. Looks promising. :tmb:

29-03-12, 21:13
There's also a Rage engine mod for Vice City.


I'm guessing these don't have the missions though, do they?

Sir Croft
29-03-12, 21:19
That's pretty awesome, it's like HD versions of the games.

29-03-12, 23:04
I wanna run out and buy GTA3 and VC for Windows just so i can play these mods. They look great!

I did see the one about VC but forgot to post about it - that's the one I'm actually more interested in but regardless. I take it there's not released though, right? I only speed read through things and didn't think I saw like a download link anywhere or anything. And since the article I posted was new that day and it said they were in the process of working on it.

Excited to see what happens. :jmp:

29-03-12, 23:24
I believe the Vice City one is out, or at least a beta is. Also from what I read you need EFLC for PC to play these.