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06-04-12, 07:45
Yesterday I read a very interesting set of details brought forth by a guy named Brendan who claims to be a graphic designs major at Full Sail Academy. Mr. Brendan claims to have had a 12 month contractual agreement as an intern for Rockstar Games. Mr. Brendan also claims to have gathered a bit of information on the game and has shared a mouthful of details. Mr. Brendan even goes as far as confirming Red Dead Rebellion, Bully 2, and Wild Metal 2.

Please note that we highly suggest you take the following quoted material with a grain of salt... as a matter of fact why don't you eat a whole bag of it.

The following quoted material is from Ed Elric (Brendan).

"Look, what i've seen can't be unseen. I will share with you the things I now know, which can never be erased from my memory, for I just can't hold it in any longer. Asides from a few of my family, I tried not to share this info with but 3 or 4 close friends. But I just....must...maaaann...Let me introduce myself. My name is Brendan. a Graphic Designs major at Full Sail Academy in Orlando, Florida. I'm on my 3rd year and am an abid gamer. Originally born in Miami, I moved away for college to purssue game design. Got a transfer to NJIT (New Jersey Institue of Technology) on internship for accredited service hours due to an once and a lifetime chance."

"Now The information I share with you aren't another set of pathetic attempts at rumors, 'leaks' or insider talk thats been running rampid on the web, but rather, actual facts I can physically confirm."

"To make long story short, in 2007, about a few months after the actual trailer reveal for IV, I often thought to myself how nice it would be to if someone were to intern for Rockstar. Thats has to be sweet, you just sit back and watch one of your favourite games being made right in front of you. So thinking to myself, maybe if i applied for an internship (in time before the release of IV), I would not only get the position, I'd also find out all there is to know of about IV in the process with maybe a free advance copy for my time at the offices. So that summer I applied for the position, but sadly and appropriately so, not a response to be had from Rockstar. Realisticly, that was to be expected."

"And so I let the time pass and eventually forgot about the plan. Fast foward to about late February/early March 2011. Long forgotten, I check my e-mail just to be unexpectedly struck by utter awe. BAM, an intership acceptance letter requesting immediate availibility for a 12-month contractual agreement as a personal office assistant. Nothing more was needed to be said to pursuade me. I was off to the Manhattan offices in New York."

"Blah Blah Blah....3 months pass......Blah Blah Blah...After months of 'fetch' work (the usually sort this, sort that, get coffee, before actually geting to learn and observe advanced design, texturing, technical protocol and production) I finally became "cool" with some of the guys down at Rockstar NY. No I didn't meet The Houser or anyone like that; but I did chummy it up with some of the assisting animators and programmers. Then my subtle plan was put in motion....."

"I eagerly sat behind desks waiting any paperwork branded with the initials GTA somewhere on the page. If anything did pop up, I'd put it to the side for later reading or a quick skim through if was an email or there was no time. Most of the time it would just be over-heard conversation amongst employees about what they heard or were told about the game. At the luckiest of times. I got to see NON-FUNCTIONAL gamplay as the programmers were tinkering with things (equests from Rockstar North with certain things in the game (i suppose)."

"Most of the time the guys are designing some new textures and worlds all day for other games). Rockstar has had GTA V in production since late 2008 and is close to completion. I'd say about 87% done and what they have cooking feels great. Again long story short, for a whole year i lived in New Jesery ,managed the jungle that is Manhattan, was part of the making of GTA V and now I've been back home for three weeks now and the excitement from what i've seen over the past year is mind blowing and have to tell someone and as an intern, i was unpaid therefore, my contract was not a NDA in regaurds to info leaks. SO HERE I AM PASS ON THE KNOWLEDGE!"

"Am I to be believed? If you choose and I frankly don't care. You are no way inclined to accept what i say at all. That's fine. I'm only here to share what i've seen. I'm doing you a favor. As an intern, I've seen more than I even wanted to see, let alone learn about. As a result i'm now suicidely excited for gaming as an industry. Not only because of GTA V, but as well as confirmation of Red Dead Rebellion (Yes; it's part 3), a new Bully and Wild Metal 2."

SOURCE (http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=505976&st=0&#entry1061196596)

06-04-12, 07:52
Red Dead Rebellion and Bully 2? Cool.

06-04-12, 07:52
So they could be a Bully 2 on the way, along with the third game in the Red Dead series. If this is true then I cannot wait.

06-04-12, 07:56
They had to make another Red Dead after the last one so that was a given. Bully 2 I am surprised at, since I didn't think the first one did so well.

I loved Red Dead Redemption, and want to play revolver I just wish SPOILER John Marston didn't die, his son is lame compared to him.SPOILER

idk what wild metal is.

06-04-12, 07:56
Im more excited about the 3rd Red Dead game than a sequel to Bully, I like Read Dead more.

06-04-12, 09:08
Why am I having a deja-vu? O_o . . . Anyway,

Maybe they could do another fun version of RDR like Undead Nightmare. I enjoyed it very much, it even got perfect 10/10 score in reviews. :D

Bully 2 is more than welcomed for me.

Lara's Nemesis
06-04-12, 12:44
Dan Houser was talking about a sequel to Bully at the end of last year, would love to see it happen. :D Would probably be a next gen game if it happens tho.


06-04-12, 12:48
New Red Dead. Yay! Couldn't care less about the others lol

If all this is true, won't that guy be in a ****heap of trouble?

06-04-12, 15:58
If it's true, then posting his name and position could cost him his job. I doubt it's real, no one's that stupid.

Except Prime Minister Harper.

06-04-12, 16:13
If it's true, then posting his name and position could cost him his job. I doubt it's real, no one's that stupid.

Except Prime Minister Harper.
He said he was doing internship there. He is out after internship ended.

07-04-12, 00:53
What intern would risk being able to put Rockstar Games on their resume so they can leak this huge amount of information? I mean by putting all his information out there, companies will know not to trust him, especially if he uses Rockstar as a reference.

And even if he doesn't care, do we really believe an intern would be able to find all this information out (he even knows where the next GTA will take place and who the main character is), and not have to sign SOME kind of disclosure agreement? If you just visit a video game company you have to sign a form saying you want talk about what you saw, but an intern is just free to do what he pleases once he's done?

Then there's the GTA information, which I personally find some of that very hard to believe. But I guess we'll see.