View Full Version : Sony to cut work force

09-04-12, 13:50

Thursday will be interesting. Money must be really tight now and Vita is not selling particularly well.

Zelda master
09-04-12, 14:03
I honestly think this is a sign that the PS4 won't be cutting edge like many people think, if they start cutting work force I honestly think also on the rest...

09-04-12, 14:08
If Sony are cutting this amount of jobs couldn't this mean a delay on the PS4?

09-04-12, 14:13
No mention of the playstation. Looks like the sackings are from other divisions.

09-04-12, 14:38
The gaming division seems to be OK. The biggest decision I see is whether Sony is going to stay in the TV business and if so how.

09-04-12, 15:00
I wouldn't mind if Sony did drop people out of the gaming division, it would leave a lot more room for Nintendo and Microsoft. Also for the gaming part of Sony they owe a lot to Nintendo.

09-04-12, 18:08
If Sony were to trim the gaming dividsion, I suspect that we would see some of the less productive developing teams being closed or consolidated with the more productive ones. For example, Team ICO produces some quality games but they have not come out with anything in the last 3-4 years and their games are not mega-sellers. On the other hand, Naughty Dog has come out with 3 games that have sold well and garnered awards in the same time period. Sony may well opt to shut down the non-producers and put their resources to support the producers.