View Full Version : Microsoft seeks to buy up AOL patents

09-04-12, 14:09

The patent war heats up. Google recently bought up a bunch of Motorola patents and this looks like MS's first countermove.

09-04-12, 17:43
Interesting, but it mostly shows how AOL is close to dead nowadays. I don't think it will have much impact on the gaming scene none of the major players have had serious legal battles with each other recently, and minor players have no chance anyway. But it will make things more interesting in mobile.

Chug a Bug
12-04-12, 00:39
How mighty are the fallen. It just shows how once great companies can get it so badly wrong. All those free CD's they sent out to try and entice people to sign up, they made great coasters for all of my coffee cups. Shame there are no more.