View Full Version : I want to learn how to extract XBox 360 Models

13-04-12, 20:26
I really want to learn how to extract models from xbox 360 games and then make them ready for Blender or 3ds Max or Noesis. I have extacted models from Wii, Psp, and PS2 games but now I need to learn how to do it to 360 games! It would be great for someone to help me because if I learn how to do this, I will be able to do a lot for my website! Thanks!

And google is not my friend...

13-04-12, 20:30
I don't really know anything about this but if you have done it already with Wii, PSP and PS2 games, wouldn't you be able to do it in the same method. Also this thread should be in the Technical Support part of the forum. Oh and welcome to Tomb Raider Forums.

13-04-12, 20:31
welcome to trf :)
you're better off asking that in our XNALara section, somebody there might help ^^
you can also ask on xentax

13-04-12, 20:33
ok thanks I was trying to find the right forum for this!

13-04-12, 21:34
Closing as there is one in a more appropriate section now.