View Full Version : Any Spelunky heads out there?

20-04-12, 12:10
Have any of you ever played Spelunky? If not, here: http://spelunkyworld.com/original.html

It's a free Indiana Jones-esque 2D platformer, and it looks simple, but there is a world of depth to it. It's incredibly difficult, but stupidly addictive (995 deaths and counting :hea:). It keeps track of how many times you've played it, how many you've won, how many you've lost. I still haven't won :( ...

My weekend evenings are usually divided between playing the classic TR games and trying to beat Spelunky. I think the same things that drew me to TR draw me to Spelunky. It helps that every time I go to play it the levels are completely different, and it stays fresh and exciting.

It'd be cool to find other players, and maybe turn a couple more people on to this little gem.

Raid on!:)