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lord gaga
20-04-12, 23:37
Now that the era of the wii is ending and i really don't think any more mario games are gonna come out what did you guys think was the best mario game for the system. Only pick from

Super mario galaxy
Super mario galaxy 2
Super paper mario
Mario party 8
Mario party 9
New super mario bros wii
Mario kart wii
Mario strikers charged
Mario sports mix
Mario super sluggers
Mario power tennis
Fortune street

Not counting super smash bros games or the ones with sonic in them.

Zelda master
20-04-12, 23:51
Super Mario Galaxy 2

/thread :ohn:

lord gaga
21-04-12, 00:02
I can't really judge cause i've only played Mario Galaxy 1, NSMB wii and mario party 8. The best one has to be super mario galaxy.

Dark Lugia 2
21-04-12, 00:08
To be honest, from that list just Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 and perhaps Paper Mario. The rest of the games are just clones of the previous games in those series' that have been touched up a bit and do not offer as much.

21-04-12, 00:11
I'll pick 5:

Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is by far one of the best Mario games ever, one of the best wii games ever, one of the best games ever. And you can find Yoshi in some galaxies, you can't get cooler than that. :ohn:

Closely followed by Super Mario Galaxy, but it lacks Yoshi, and the multiplayer was improved in the second game.

Then Mario Kart Wii, it has N64's DK Jungle, Yoshi and motorbikes. YOSHI & MOTORBIKES!

Mario Party 9, is really cool too. If you have friends that want to play with you, of course... And Yoshi's animation when he becomes the superstar is by far the cutest thing ever.

Then my last choice is New Super Mario Bros. Wii, classic Mario style and lots of good stuff here. And yes, that includes Yoshi.

Stay away from: Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, Mario Sports Mix and the Mario&Sonic games. Ew.

21-04-12, 00:31
Super Mario Bros. (nes, VC)

To hell with everything else.

21-04-12, 00:32
New Super Mario bros. Wii, or Super Mario Galaxy :)

21-04-12, 00:39
Actually the best Mario game on Wii is Super Mario 25th Anniversary edition, other then that i also have Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl which i strongly recommend. :)

The only other actual Wii games i own is Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Paper Mario. I can't really give a good score for them yet seeing as i have only gotten halfway on SPM three years ago and forgotten what to do, :o And i'm only at the first planet in SMG1 so. :p

I really want to try New Super Mario bros: Wii though. :)

21-04-12, 01:41
Do any of the games not use the wiggle sticks? If so, that one's the best :tmb:

21-04-12, 01:55
^ NSMB Wii uses the wiimote as an NES controller. I think you'd enjoy it if you gave it a chance. :p

World 8 and 9 are some of the hardest in the whole series IMO. :D

21-04-12, 02:01
^ Harder then SMB: The lost levels? :p

21-04-12, 02:49
There is a Mario thread we can discuss it in, which can be found here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=173858&highlight=Super+Mario).

21-04-12, 03:42
^ Harder then SMB: The lost levels? :p

I've never bothered finishing the second level of that game. I... simply can't. :pi:

21-04-12, 08:00
9-7 in NSMB Wii made me want to throw the controller out the window. I... HATE... THAT... LEVEL! :hea:

21-04-12, 13:44
^ NSMB Wii uses the wiimote as an NES controller. I think you'd enjoy it if you gave it a chance. :p

World 8 and 9 are some of the hardest in the whole series IMO. :D

So long as it doesn't make you wave your hands about like a fool, then it gets my vote as being the best Wii Mario game. But seeing as you never completed Lost Levels, I'm gonna go ahead and assume NSMBW is easier. Which makes sense, what with it being on a console aimed at little kids and the elderly :p

21-04-12, 20:06
^ Harder then SMB: The lost levels? :p

I remember years back they had this game in arcades and some of those levels where in this. Made me so mad when I played it at home and realized only Japanese get to play those.

21-04-12, 20:08
Super Mario Galaxy 2, best Mario game I have played so far imho :ohn:
SMG1 would follow closely behind, twas so fun ;D