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26-04-12, 07:18
Anyone else got the beta? Post your steam profile here if you're up for playing in a party and if you're tired of having ****talkers and people who don't understand their role in pub games.

Add me gzxce

I might be able to offer a few pointers to newer players as well if you need em :D

26-04-12, 08:10
I haven't got a beta key yet, and I'm doing nothing to have one, as I heard DotA 2 will get you even more addicted than its ancestor WC III's DotA, which I'm still playin...

26-04-12, 14:47
Not addicting at all but then again I do manage to play about 2 hours of it a day, it is mainly the trolls who put me off playing more and the general lack of teamplay(i.e. support not warding or people stealing your aegis while you roshan)