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17-02-05, 18:15
The question is simple who is better and cooler :D



My first vote i vote Konoko she looks more sexy and cooler then Lara also Konokos attitude is hot and kicks ass better.

Note:Im NOT on pornography.

17-02-05, 18:17
Ohhhh, that's a toughie.... Lara we love but Konoko has that firery, driven attitude and mysterious background....er... maybe I prefere Konoko just a tiiiny bit more. -_-

17-02-05, 18:31
dunno whos this Kanoko but...

Originally posted by webman:
she looks more sexy then Larahttp://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif

on the other hand.. it should be that way you know! people like Lara not just cause she's sexy. so yeah the other game characters may be waaaay sexier but Lara still remains one of the coolest - people like her as an interesting character not as a sex symbol running about in exotic surroundings ;)

17-02-05, 19:46
Lara, she just has one of those attitudes, and personalities that I personally fall for.
Konoko is by far more likely to win in an outright fight though.. while she has a tough exterior I think it is more she has it because of the work she does; Lara's though goes right to the core because she's a little more blunt.

quite typical English girl. really pays that she's cute and intelligent too.. something about the american accent, it can seem a little boarish something and harsh. Especially those assigned to Animé characters.

18-02-05, 06:33
My former avatar used to be Konoko... But I have never played Oni, so I don't know what would be my choice in between both of them.

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18-02-05, 06:41
Want the demo SMSL? It's 70MB, plus a bonus 3rd Level patch for 20MB iirc.. have it somewhere.
dunno if it would be counted an abandonware game yet, else i'd upload the full thing heh

fantastic game :D

18-02-05, 07:12
I've heard lots of nice things about it. I had Konoko as my avatar before I even knew what Oni was. My local nick used to be Cereal Killer and one of Konoko's pictures just fitted it perfectly. Then... well... someone invented Shahdee, eheheh! :D

I would have bought it here, but I have only seen it for the PS2. I don't recall seeing it for the PC, or, if I did, I was broke at the time.

Right now isn't a good time for me to install a game on my PC, but I'll get back to you about it, once I "purify" my hardware. And thanks in advance! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

18-02-05, 20:42
SMSL Your avatar has the face of Konoko except Konoko's hair is violet.


18-02-05, 21:58

gonna CG the sketch the repost it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif not done some good Colouring in ages.. heh

but to spand the void of that image going down is like 5seconds heh, i've uploaded 2 more good images.


Heh, frankly the only good use for a PS2 (in my nintendo opinion ;) )

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18-02-05, 22:00
That's one great image. ^_^

yeah, I think in a battle-to-the-death Konoko would win. ^_^

19-02-05, 07:50
Konoko is real cool :D

20-02-05, 03:35
Originally posted by webman:
SMSL Your avatar has the face of Konoko except Konoko's hair is violet.

;) Nope, not at all. I'll show ya.

This was the picture from where my Konoko face avatar was taken from:


And this is the picture from where my Shahdee face avatar was made from:


As you can see, they aren't that alike... but they both look dangerous, eheheh! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

20-02-05, 07:24
Is that girl from prince of persia i have warrior wrath.

21-02-05, 03:11
Prince of Persia - Warrior WITHIN, you mean?... Yup, it's her.

21-02-05, 08:08
Konoko looks nice, but I can't compare Lara with her, because we are talking about a warrior and an archaeologist; two different things. But if you base your choice on sexism, then yes, Konoko wins and I'm glad ;)

21-02-05, 17:21
Lol. What about a battle against Lara and Shinatama?

Eh? *Looks at Konoko image posted by SMSL, then looks at game cover.*
Something's different...?

24-02-05, 14:44
No Konoko is far more then a warrior shes an Agent of TCTF(until she gets treated)