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18-02-05, 13:48

IBM is spending $100m (52m) over the next three years beefing up its commitment to Linux software.

The cash injection will be used to help its customers use Linux on every type of device from handheld computers and phones right up to powerful servers.

IBM said the money will fund a variety of technical, research and marketing initiatives to boost Linux use. IBM said it had taken the step in response to greater customer demand for the open source software.

Big spender

In 2004 IBM said it had seen double digit growth in the number of customers using Linux to help staff work together more closely. The money will be used to help this push towards greater collaboration and will add Linux-based elements to IBM's Workplace software.

Workplace is a suite of programs and tools that allow workers to get at core business applications no matter what device they use to connect to corporate networks. One of the main focuses of the initiative will be to make it easier to use Linux-based desktop computers and mobile devices with Workplace.

Even before IBM announced this latest spending boost it was one of the biggest advocates of the open source way of working. In 2001 it put $300m into a three-year Linux program and has produced Linux versions of many of its programs.

Full story bbc.co.uk (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4276287.stm)

18-02-05, 16:18
o_0 ... erm, not that these new bulletins arn't interesting. Just do we REALLY need a new topic everytime you spot something new on the BBC News24 site?

There are alot of things wrong with the report. Don't feel like explaining what, just for people to checkout IBM's own news about current developments.

Thier Linux program's budget has been slashed not extended .. to under $100million.

18-02-05, 17:29
You're exaggerating somewhat Raven. I post very few articles in comparison to those I read on the BBC news site every day. Some days I post none. The purpose of posting is like many other threads, to encourage discussion or inform based upon what I think may be of interest to the memberS here.

18-02-05, 19:17
I think it's good to have such nice and informative topics in Gen Chat, Raven http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Oh well, if it wasn't for the internet, I would be in the shadows concerning the developments in the world, because I rarely watch TV and never watch the news http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :D

The yellow penguin is very popular here in Greece, by the way. The Linux fans here are so ardently devoted, you won't believe it!!! :D