View Full Version : If Lara Croft was in a wrestling match who would her tag partner be???

Angela Russell
19-02-05, 01:14
I pick Kurtis Trent or mabey Meryl from MGS. What about you guys??? Who would make a great partner for Lara or even better who should her opponents be???


Angela Russell
19-02-05, 05:21
Common people please vote pretty please cherry on top your cool!!!


19-02-05, 06:12
i would say Kurtis but if its a girl tag team i choose blood rayne

19-02-05, 09:21
Well I think Cate Archer (from NOLF) - she is agent so quite handy in a wrestling match or Heather (from SH3) - she manage to kill every monster :D

20-02-05, 03:39
For girls, Konoko, for boys, Kurtis Trent, or Leon Kennedy, and have Kurtis kick his rear end out of mere jealousy, eheheh!

Smith will Suffice
20-02-05, 07:35
well, if im talking about movie Lara; angie,

then i would definitely say her partner would have to be Alice from the resident evil films.

they would kick totaly ass


Angela Russell
20-02-05, 23:03
Solid Snake & Lara Croft would be a good tag team mabey Lara & Super Mario and definatly Classic TR1-5 Lara Croft & RE3 Jill Valentine since they both wear similar colors.