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Angela Russell
19-02-05, 02:01
This time it is a mystery serial killer who is actually one of the regular cast members!!!

Events so far:
A plane trip was sabotaged
The bushfire
A letter that says "Summer Bay will pay"
The Palace was deliberatly burnt down
A dead body has been discovered

Your thoughts???


Fugitive Lara
19-02-05, 06:31
Originally posted by Angela Russell:

Your thoughts???

that home and away should be canceled

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Angela Russell
19-02-05, 08:11
How rude!!! I can only hope one day you meet Laurie Foell aka Angie/Josie Russell and she slaps the taste out of your mouth the same way she ***** slapped Marc Edwards to Hell the other night on H&A.


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19-02-05, 11:07
That's not necessary Angela! You have to accept that by posting here you are going to meet opinions that differ from yours. There is no need to have such a strong negative reaction. You asked for people's opinions and FUG stated his simply. Respect that.

Angela Russell
20-02-05, 00:47
I am sorry you guys for my rudeness who will forgive me???

20-02-05, 09:56
I will http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

20-02-05, 11:28
Flaming mongrela!
It couldn't be old Alf!

20-02-05, 12:12
Mate, if they dredged up ole Ailsa I reckon that'd be a right sort.

Angela, you'd probably have a cardiac arrest if I told you that Danny Raco who played Leah's brother Alexi had dinner at my resturant tonight. With him was that fatty from Heartbreak high... hello, what a show that was! I cant remember the fattys name, but I met them both tonight.

Here is a pic of Alexi, as if you didnt know who he was already. I know its no Eric Dalby, but its still cool. I thought of you!


20-02-05, 12:20
Okay, found an old dodgy photo of the other guy who came in tonight. He was D'espo! Man I bloody LOVED Heartbreak High! And who didnt have a crush on Drazic.

D'espo http://www.abc.net.au/heartbreak/character/photos/despocha.jpg

And some of Drazic because he is so cute. No I didnt meet Drazic.


Angela Russell
20-02-05, 22:58
I remember him! He dumped Hayley for Brodi early last year when he left the show. He is currently starring in an Aussie cop show called Blue Heelers. He was hot my fave hunks in no particular order:


What are everyone's thoughts on the new serial killer storyline??? Who do you guys think it is??? The last time H&A had one of these storylines was last August when Sarah Lewis went on a shooting spree. Has the UK gotten up to that yet??? It is one of my all-time favourite storylines along with Noah & Hayley's wedding, Angela Russell raising Hell on the Bay, Dani going to prison, Alf meeting "The Guv" again and the storyline about Tasha's father.


20-02-05, 23:24
Ummm...what is H&A? Marc Edwards...from ER? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

21-02-05, 00:17
Did I mention Angela that I ran into "The Guv" at Riverstone Greyhound Shop just after Christmas. She lives in Riverstone and I regularly run into her in Franklins. Maggie is a really nice lady, and a wonderful actress. I wish they hadn't killed her off there are not enough good mature actresses on tv anymore.

Tazmine we have an actor called Marc Edwards here in Aus too. No relation to the one on ER. Very good looking but a complete rat on the show. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

Angela Russell
21-02-05, 03:06
I remember you telling me in the Eric Dalby thread. I wish they didn't kill of "The Guv" either last year they killed three of my favourite characters!!! They killed Angie too but Laurie Foell is still on the show she is now Josie Russell.

Oh and Marc Edwards is the man who has been blackmailing Josie for money because they had a night together at the bar and now she regrets it because she really does love Jesse and it isn't just a fling between them. But she did ***** slap his mug straight to Hell the other night!!!

Anyway the killer is one of the regular cast members here are my predictions on who has a reason to kill.

Detective Baker
He was in love with Leah but his brother is now engaged to her. Plus he was in a coma for several months thanks to Sarah Lewis.
Alf Stewart
He might be seeing Alisa again like he used to when he had the brain tuma.
Robbie Hunter
He has recently found out he could be HIV positive and for a few weeks he lost it.
Henry Hunter
He hates Dalby with a passion.
Josie Russell
Involved with Ian Osborne's survelence in Irene's home, did something bad in 1989 plus she's Angie's cousin and Angie burned down a lot of things like the killer has been.
Eric Dalby
Believed he killed his father, not getting along too well with many people in the Bay despite trying to change.
Marc Edwards
He is blackmailing Josie for cash and slept with an underage girl.
Sally Fletcher
She has not been getting along with Flynn well this year plus she was in the TV Guide talking about the serial killer storyline. Sally also has a history of having an imaginary friend.
Kane Phillips
Recently framed for armed robbery, does not get along with his father Gus who recently appeared in town.
Flynn Saunders
Has been doing night shifts at the hospital which has affected his marriage, secretly addicted to drugs.


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21-02-05, 09:07
Damn Liv, I thought you were about to lead onto how you jumped Drazic in the bathroom stall (in true gay club style) ;)

21-02-05, 11:44
Well I was, but this is a PG-rated forum. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Besides, stalls are Aarons style, arent they LC8290? :D

Angela Russell
02-03-05, 00:48

Detective Baker believes the killer may be linked to none other than SARAH LEWIS!!! Sally and Beth's homes have been trashed with only a photo taken and letter left behind quoting Sarah during the night she held everyone hostage at Leah's home. Has the UK gotten up to the Sarah Lewis gun rampage storyline yet??? The stalker may be someone related to Sarah, or was present at the seige.


Who do you guys think is the Summer Bay Stalker??? It is one of the regulars. PICK YO FAVE!!! The regular cast:

Sally Fletcher
Flynn Saunders
Alf Stewart
Hayley Lawson
Kim Hyde
Jesse McGregor
Robbie Hunter
Eric Dalby
Tasha Andrews
Josie Russell
Dan Baker
Detective Baker
Morag Bellingham
Irene Roberts
Scott Hunter
Beth Hunter
Maddie Hunter
Henry Hunter
Marc Edwards
Baby Pippa

Kane and Kirsty have LEFT the show. Your thoughts???