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Angela Russell
19-02-05, 02:28
What is everyone's predictions for Season 4???


19-02-05, 02:41
It's already on over here http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif .

It's great, but you guys won't be hearing about Rambaldi or Loren for a while - still haven't heard anything over here. They don't have any more cliff-hangers!!! Syndey also acts a little more aggressive. Unfortunately, it seems like they're not following a story line for this season. For hardcore Alias fans like myself (hopefully you're one too?), the season will seem a little awkward.

19-02-05, 04:50
What happened with the whole Rambaldi thing... it looked so promising and then just completely dropped off... not happy!

19-02-05, 11:02
I've said it before, I would have liked it if the programme was broadcast here (UK) consistently, instead of dropping in and out of the listings and changing channels willy-nilly. I've totally lost the story in Alias now!

19-02-05, 12:24
It played consistantly on SkyOne, currently on SkyMix .. I got bored after the first series. God knows how the hell that show got better ratings than Dark Angel, and why Fox would chose it causing Cameron to end Series 2 in that stupid fashion. Was a bloody good series, until the second half where they had to neatly wrap it up; then it kinda became bilge having the story rushed and all. Plus that ending... a flag on the top of a building claiming they were free, I mean c'mon!


Anti-Polar Bear
19-02-05, 18:08
It's on here, of course, too.

The episodes this season are much more self-contained that last, much more like the first season. Supposidly, however, that is to let up later in the season.

The Rambaldi story will be returning next episode (For those who are getting it already), I believe. Along with Allison, Anna from the first season, Sark, and I believe Lauren (Don't worry, she'll stay good and dead.).

19-02-05, 19:45
Really? On the previews I only saw Allison and Sark. Hmm.. Why is Allison returning, since Will stabbed her to death? Maybe it has something to do with that conversation she had with Sydney in that abandoned building (one where Allison escaped from the ambulance).

Angela Russell
20-02-05, 00:31
Allison was cool Sydney's aunt is OK but Lauren and Sydney's mum were the best!!! Sloan is cool too!!!


Agent Kurtis
18-03-05, 12:10
season 3 was the best i recon.. apart from the episode in season 1 where will stabs the suit-n-glasses dude thats torturing him.. lol..