View Full Version : Crime Life - Gang Wars (New Games)

19-02-05, 15:21
Just browsing the net etc, lookind on up coming games, one which caught my attention was this one, take a look at there WEBSITE< (http://www.konami-crimelife.com/uk/flash_uk.html) its quite good with a new tune. Unfortuantely i am not going to be able to pla it unless the 'Sony Fairy' bring me a new PS2, lol. There are some screen shot and the link for a wallpaper;

WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD (http://www.konami-crimelife.com/special_wallpaper/)

If your bored of GTA SA choddy graphics buy this one, looks interesting and fun. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

19-02-05, 15:24
I get forbidden for the wallpaper. :confused:

19-02-05, 16:23
Oh, well they probably dont allow hotlinking, like Angelfire, i dont see why not, its to promote the game. Ah, never mind, just clikc the website link and then select images i think it is, and there is a download button on screen, thanks Anubis for informing me.

19-02-05, 16:32
Looks partly-interesting. (if it's from KONAMI then it should be atleast good :D )

19-02-05, 16:42
I agree, title such as Silent Hill are amazing, the gameplay does look quite fun aactually. If they bang in a good storyline and cinematic events, i think this one could be a winner.