View Full Version : Academy Awards on British TV?

tlr online
19-02-05, 16:36
Anyone know how to find out if the Oscars will be screened on British TV?

19-02-05, 16:39
History? It usually is tlr. Email bbc, it's normally on BB2 hosted by Jonathan Ross.

tlr online
19-02-05, 16:44
Nothing on the Beeb's web site. Already sent them an email. Normally Ross covers the event, but I've a feeling the Beeb has dropped coverage this year.

tlr online
19-02-05, 16:45
Damn. Looks like Sky Movies 1 has it this year. Better get cable TV installed.

19-02-05, 17:31
Or save yourself the money and wait for the newpapers :D

19-02-05, 18:00
It's always on too early in the morning for 9-5ers to watch anyway. Last time I even attempted to watch some of it, I'm sure I discovered it was a Sky-only event even back then.

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