View Full Version : The Machinist (2004)

tlr online
21-02-05, 19:39
Great movie. Brad Anderson makes the viewer work for the spoils, which is always well received in my book. Watching a movie "dumb style" with everything explained out defeats the object of "day- (or hour) tripping", IMO.

Anyway. An industrial worker who hasn't slept in a year begins to doubt his own sanity. There's plenty of Lynch's Mulholland Drive in this pic. We're watching the breakdown of a man's sanity, and the amalgamation of reality and fantasy in much the same way as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn's legendary self-destruction in Mulholland Drive.

While the latter most certainly supersedes the former in just about every area of voyeurism, Trevor Reznikís preoccupation with death and dismemberment in The Machinist packs considerable punch all the same, and forces the viewer to question much of the movie before Anderson slips and simplifies the ending for those Iíd presume scratching their heads and wondering what the hellís going on. This would be my only criticism of the movie. Anderson could have rolled out a better product had he left the conclusion open to interpretation.

Christian Baleís role as Trevor Reznik is quite honestly chilling and a little too believable. His deranged performance held me captivated throughout the movie. He was quite incredible, and I hope heíll earn the critical acclaim he deserves when this movie debuts in the U.K.

Three stars. A dumbed-down ending prevented a forth.