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tlr online
21-02-05, 21:52
Actress Sandra Dee, best known as the irrepressible Gidget of film fame and the wife of singer Bobby Darin, died Sunday in Los Angeles; she was 62. The actress died of complications from kidney disease after spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, and had been on dialysis for the past four years. Born Alexandra Zuck, Dee was groomed for stardom from the beginning by her ambitious mother, who enrolled the young girl in school early and lied about her age in order to give her fresh-faced daughter a head start on the road to fame -- Dee was only four years old when she entered the second grade. Already a model by the age of 12, Dee worked on television commercials before landing her first movie role in 1957's Until They Sail. Two short years later, she would skyrocket to fame with the help of three extremely successful films: the teen comedy Gidget, a role for which she would be forever associated; the romantic drama A Summer Place, where her blonde good looks found their male counterpart in Troy Donahue; and the Douglas Sirk melodrama Imitation of Life, in which she played the daughter of Lana Turner. Her quintessential ingénue beauty, charismatic screen presence and bubbly personality made her an instant favorite of audiences, and she became a screen queen for Universal at the tender young age of 17.


21-02-05, 22:31
Haha...I'm probably the only one here who knows who she is. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

21-02-05, 22:38
I don't know her. I even searched on Google to find more pics, but still nothing.

Taz, LOL!

22-02-05, 06:42
Taz you are not the only one who remembers Sandra Dee. I grew up with Gidget (before Sally Field played her in the tv series). I also remember her in A Summer Place with Troy Donohue. She was far too young to die, god she was not that much older than me.