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Andre Filipe Matos Matos
22-02-05, 13:39
i want to go to England but i want to have a host family before going anyone knows someone who can be my host family? i would appreciate a lot! if you know a family of another country it is also good!

22-02-05, 13:55
I`ve been an exchange student.
But you have to go with a good exchange student-programme. They`ll find you a host family and a school. But it doesn`t sound like you`ll be going to school?

Andre Filipe Matos Matos
22-02-05, 15:37
Thanks THORIR you have been a good help! I wanna find a job there and study at night to pay the cost of my host family

22-02-05, 16:29
I live in Venezuela, so I can't help you. The Leeds tag at the bottom is just a forum bug. A BUG!

Andre Filipe Matos Matos
22-02-05, 16:32
Thank scotlee your mesages make me happy !!!!!!