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tlr online
23-02-05, 00:56
Heat bakes the Arabian Peninsula year round, though seeing a temperature with the naked eye can be challenging. MODIS's Land Surface Temperature product makes seeing them much easier, as shown in this set of MODIS images from February 10, 2005. The top image is a regular true-color image, and shows the northeastern point of the peninsula, focusing on the Qatar, United Arab Emirates, southern Saudi Arabia, northern Oman, and southern Iran. Clouds of sediment float in the waters around the islands in the coastal waters of the Persian Gulf, while white clouds and a transluscent veil of dust streak across parts of the image. The underlying false-color LST image (mouse over the image) shows the exact same scene, but now the temperatures of the land are visible. On the left side of the image, the temperatures are in the 17-27 (62.6 - 80.6 Fahrenheit) degree Celsius range, but they gradually rise as the scene progresses to the right. In eastern Oman, the temperatures are much higher, in the 37-47 C (98.6 - 116.6 F) range.