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24-02-05, 03:52
Heard good reviews, thought I'd give Tom Cruise a go tonight. Did I just say that outloud? You know what I mean.

Anyone seen it? Bad, good?

Angela Russell
24-02-05, 04:00
It was terrible. The only good thing was Tom Cruise but he should keep his hair brown!!!


tlr online
24-02-05, 04:04
Indeed. I don't even think I made it too the end. I didn't even review it here!

24-02-05, 04:06
Oh. Right. I definitely should have asked you BEFORE I went a rented it out. :D

tlr online
24-02-05, 04:18
Yeah. The ending really ****ed me off. Cruise shoots himself, and the taxi driver.

24-02-05, 04:20
**** stirrer. You never saw the end. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

24-02-05, 04:31
Originally posted by Angela Russell:
Chall! ... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif ...


Challis \Chal"lis\, n. [F. chaly, challis, a stuff made of goat's hair.] A soft and delicate woolen, or woolen and silk, fabric, for ladies' dresses. [Written also chally.]

Why are you emphasizing, Angela? :confused:
Are you wearing it yourself, and telling us we should wear it too?

tlr online
24-02-05, 04:41
Originally posted by andromeda_eats:
**** stirrer. You never saw the end. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif You're too smart for me.

24-02-05, 04:47
Oh, and dont forget too beautiful.

24-02-05, 06:41
I watched it 2 nights ago, I dont think it was that bad, sat and watched worse things for two hours. I must say that Jamie Foxx was the best thing about the film, Tom Cruise was not at his best in my opinion.

24-02-05, 07:29
It was alright. Forget about Cruise and Foxx, I liked how Micheal Mann directed the film. He always offers up a bunch of visual goodies, and good music to go along with the visual goodies.

Angela Russell
24-02-05, 22:45
Chall is my special way of spelling ciao. ;)


25-02-05, 06:05
Aha, thanks for clearing that up, Bob.

Soma Holiday
26-02-05, 00:30

That movie was INCREDIBLE!! It had such an amazing, and in-depth plot to it. You really had to look at the story in a abstract way, and realize the depth and emotions of the characters.

I thought Vincent was an amazing character, and Max was even better. The ending WAS good, and so was Tom Cruise's look.

Wow, this is like my 3rd favorite movie. :confused: