View Full Version : Anyone ever been in a fight?

24-02-05, 07:46
Have you ever punched someone? Or been punched?

I got in a fight ONCE when I was seven years old. I guess I deserved it for making fun of this kid, but he came after me with his fists a flyin'. Worked me over good. Bloody nose, split lip, black and blue eye.

Since then I decided to never get into a fight again. And I haven't.

"He who resorts to fighting has already lost the fight." I don't who said that but I like it.

24-02-05, 08:33
A girl picked me when I was about 16, we were at a party and she was ready to smack me out (for no reason, she was drunk) so I broke my beer bottle over a brick wall and said 'Lets go.' She walked away from that, which was good. I prefer not to fight.

Second time I got in a fight it was far more serious. On New Years Eve two girls cornered my older sister. One was choking her by the throat and the other split her lip and cracked her nose, really really nasty stuff, two against one.
So I pulled the one who was choking her off and punched her out. The other one called me some sort of name so I lunged at her as well, but by this stage about ten of my male friends broke it up. I would have beaten them both to within a inch of their lives for what they did to my sister.

Fighting dirty is wrong! Dirty *****es.