View Full Version : Diesel Soot Across the U.S.

24-02-05, 08:02
Kind of disturbing to read this Diesel Soot (http://www.catf.us/projects/diesel/dieselhealth/) report

And this is just from diesel engines. Not factories or gas engines or anything else that pollutes.

I live in Michigan which ranked 16th. I live in Calhoun county which ranked 339 (out of 3,109 counties in the U.S.).

MMMMMMM....I can almost taste the cancer now.

24-02-05, 08:12
The average lifetime diesel soot cancer risk is 1 in 5,826. This risk is 172 times greater than EPA's acceptable cancer level of 1 in a million. National Rank: 1,043 of 3,109 counties.

Cancer came scuttling back. So yummy!