View Full Version : Mermaid found in Merina Beach, Chennai (Must SEE)

24-02-05, 11:31
Real... or Hoax?
How extraordinary... :eek:

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24-02-05, 12:38
She really looks like the Hag in TRC.

24-02-05, 15:38
I'd say it's hoax. The hair's obviously fake, and the human part is way more decayed than the fish part. I'd expect them to be in the same stages of decay.
Anyway, that's one fugly mermaid. Even for a corpse. Ewwww.

Capt. Murphy
24-02-05, 15:50
I think the hair would be a bit thinner, if not - then it would definetly be bald... maybe. I thought I seen something about this somewhere and it said it was a hoax made up by some taxidermist. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

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tlr online
24-02-05, 15:55
How'd you like them apples, Madison!

24-02-05, 16:43
LOL @ tlr

Fake I think.

24-02-05, 23:22

24-02-05, 23:33

25-02-05, 00:22
Whatever it is, it's ugly.

25-02-05, 01:26
It kinda looks like a traditional Norwegian troll, actually. When not cute and tourist-ee. :D

It looks fake.

25-02-05, 01:31
They've really let themselves go since saliors stopped having thier little escapades with them ;)

25-02-05, 08:31
It real. It's in the egmore museum being preserved.
It was found after the Tsunami.

CLICK HERE (http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_mermaid_tsunami.htm)

edit: Other sites say it's false but they don't exactly say why. Well I think it's real.

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25-02-05, 08:54
This site says it's false (About.com). The article said the pictures have been in circulation well before the tsunami incident.

25-02-05, 16:27
Maybe it was someone being eaten by a fish and died halfway through. Maybe the fish choked on her.


25-02-05, 18:29
LOL Lemmie. It's gross and whoever was so sad as to make that seriously needs a new hobby. Ugh.

25-02-05, 18:34
What's it made of, anyway? Mummified monkey, fish tail and a cheap wig?

25-02-05, 20:05
LoL Cat :D

Yuck! That is soo disgusting :rolleyes:

25-02-05, 20:13
That is quite obviously fake.

25-02-05, 20:26
hmmmm, looks fake to me.

25-02-05, 20:40
I gotta say that's one disgusting hoax.

But i also gotta mention this... When my mom was younger, she and her friend were sitting by a lake. Suddenly this LARGE, snake-like things floats in front of their eyes, back full of spikes. They couldnt see it's head, just the back, and they couldnt talk, they just stared. She believes it was somekind of a water animal which had lived looong ago and shouldnt hav existed anymore but.. Im so amazed by this and id die to see that! So its not impossible there are somekind of freaky things in the waters...

25-02-05, 21:48
Sea serpents...I believe in sea serpents :D And giant squids, they're just too cool. But mermaids as hideous as that one, no. That's just too freaky :eek:

25-02-05, 21:52
And yucky :D

25-02-05, 21:54
She wants a big squishy kiss! lol. Now I feel mean because I don't know if it's real. :( lol.

25-02-05, 22:22
Yeah i believe in seas serpents too, i think there's a lot about things we dont know about. I have seen video footage of when cameras are taken REALLY deep in the ocean, the and sea life is so weird, all neon tenticles (sp?) and bizzare patterns and shapes, God only knows whats right at the bottom of the deepest seas that we havent explored yet.

26-02-05, 03:03
The deep sea creatures that were washed up after the tsunami are amazing! I can't wait to see what else is down there (while I'm on dry land thank you very much)

26-02-05, 03:49
Eww! What a disgusting thing. Blech!

26-02-05, 10:57
Fake & ugly http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif Think, our ape ancestors seemed more pretty than that freak http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

The Mer People
01-03-05, 03:18
I've never seen this mermaid before in my life ...she is beautiful !

The Mer People
01-03-05, 03:25
....just kidding ... I know her well ...very well !

come see more of the her family at....


01-03-05, 03:58
Well, nothing could explain more clearly this topic's subject. See This page (http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com/gallery3.htm) and This page. (http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com)
Thanks The Mer People for the note! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

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